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WayLate Films is a Glasgow based film and video production company providing filmmaking talent for every step of your production and complete in-house video production services.

Every production is different and we take care to offer a tailor-made service to adapt to our clients’ specific needs, whether from the corporate or the public sector.

If you are considering bringing your production to Glasgow or to Scotland, we can also tailor liaison, runner and assistant positions, to lend local knowledge and assistance to your primary production crew.

Pre-production services
Production Coordination
Concept-Creation / -Development
Script-Analysis / -Editing / -Breakdown
Auditions / Casting
Location Management

Production services (with professional equipment, if required)
Sound Recording

Post-production services
Video Editing
Colour Correction
Sound-Editing / -Design

Our post-production services are offered in-house or freelance for studio, depending on your requirements.