K’Nibble – Trailer

This is the trailer for Andrew Dobbie’s K’Nibble, the story of Gregg (Duncan Airlie James) and his dog, on the journey they face after his wife passes away. His life takes a dark turn after new dog food brand K’Nibble Complete is introduced into the mix…

The Film won the Best 3rd year Fiction Award at the University of the West of Scotland’s Annual Showcase and Awards Ceremony 2014.

The Evil Blend

This WhiskyBlender.com advert was written and directed by Tobias Erdmann for his third year commercial homage assessment. The aim of the assessment brief was to create a commercial in homage to a film director of our choosing. The Evil Blend is a homage to Sam Raimi’s “The Evil Dead” series.

Featuring Jon Lockhart as Ash Williams.
Produced by AK Asib
Cinematography by Andrew Dobbie

Winner of the Best Commercial Award at the UWS Annual Student Showcase and Awards.