Psych’d is our contribution to the 48 Hour Film Project 2016 – Glasgow, which received the award for “Best Special Effects”. The film was made in 48 hours and had to include these required elements:
Genre: Superhero and/or Coming Of Age
Character: Domino McGonnigal, Leader
Prop: A tomato.
Line: “Think big.”

Prescription R – New Trailer


Here is the new trailer for Prescription R, the latest film written and directed by Andrew Dobbie. Starring Greg McCreadie, Tyne Roberts, Stephen Arthur, Amanda Marment, Eddie Dobbie, Bobby Robertson and Duncan Airlie James.

Richard is on the run from Glasgow’s criminal underworld, after the collapse its drug manufacturing operation. When he turns to his friend for help things will take a dark turn for the worst, before descending into chaos.

You can watch the full film here.

Tears of a Clown

Lt Sterling just reopened an old murder case, after the victims widow hires a private investigator who uncovers new evidence. Not all is as it seems as Sterling rushes to find rushes to catch the killer!

This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project Glasgow 2014.

Sadly we could not attend this year, but we look forward to compete again in 2016!