After the collapse of Robert “Boab” Baxter’s drug distribution empire, Former employee Richard is on the run. In his possession, the last batch of new illegal Drug Prescription R. Unaware of his friend George’s approaching betrayal, Richard asks him for help to hide from the authorities and the ruthless and extremely violent Boab Baxter! In hiding Richard is soon forced to confront his worst fears when the true nature of everyone’s character is shown, when the drug creates a monster.

Prescription R as it’s presented here is festival edit of writer/director Andrew Dobbie’s Graduate Honours film, in collaboration with fellow (then students) Tobias Erdmann and Asib Akram. An ambitious short this low to no budget Gangster/Horror was a complex and sometimes gruelling shoot but ultimately rewarding.

Starring: Greg McCreadie, Stephen Arthur, Amanda Marment, Tyne Roberts, Dougie Nixon, James Robson, Duncan Airlie James, Jon Lockhart, John Scott, Kelly Love and Bobby Robertson